Saturday, December 1, 2012

Felt Christmas Trees

In a quest to find the perfect pink snow boots for my toddler, I took both of my girls to Landsend.  After an embarrassing 15 minutes in the store (tantrums were thrown by both me and my toddler, because they did not carry toddler sizes in the store) we got  back in the car with tear streaked cheeks and headed home.  The one thing I did take home from Landsend was a great idea for Christmas decorations.  Throughout the store, there were styrofoam treas covered in brightly colored felt.  They looked playful and cheerful and most importantly, they looked easy to make :)
I found everything I needed at Michael's and it took me about an hour to make my very own felt tree forest.  I stuck to a red/aqua color scheme, so I could use them as decorations for my daughter's upcoming first birthday party. My trees are whimsy (sticking with the 1 year old birthday party theme), but you can make them fancy or more fun by adding different embellishments like rhinestones, other fabric, ribbon, real ornaments etc.  

Styrofoam Cones - whatever size you want
Hot glue gun and glue
Felt in 8x11 sheets or by the yard
Embellishments of your choice

Wrap the Styrofoam tree in colored felt and affix it to the foam with hot glue.  Add other embellishments as desired, using hot glue.  Display throughout the house!

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