Monday, June 4, 2012

Baby shower gift - Burp cloths

I have a friend's baby shower coming up and I decided to make personalized burp cloths. My sister Jenny has made these for her babies and they are her favorite beause they are really soft and super absorbant.   I am a beginner sewer so I thought this would be another basic project that can help me improve my sewing skills. I read various blogs and books for ideas on the best way to make these and the one that I found very helpful was MADE, which you should reference if you have questions after my tutorial below.

You need two types of fabric, a soft absorbant fabric and a fabric that you select with a fun pattern/color.   I used chenille for the soft fabric (you can also use terry cloth) and then adorable monkey and owl prints on a soft cotton. Make sure to wash fabric prior to starting. You can purchase a contrasting thread color to highlight the stitching, but I decided to stay with a white thread since my lines aren't exactly straight yet :)

1. Cut both fabrics into 10 inch x 18 inch squares and Iron fabric. Place the two fabrics right-sides facing one another and pin along the edges.

2. Sew along the edges leaving a 3 inch opening on one of the sides. Trim the corners off and turn cloth right side out.  Pin opening shut.

3. Sew about 1/4 inch from the edge along the boarder of the cloth. Use lint roller on fabric prior to gifting!

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  1. These really are the best burp cloths! I use them every day and they wash well :)
    So cute Bridget!!!! Send some my way.