Monday, April 1, 2013

DIY Chalk Board

I was looking for big chalk board for my kitchen and after searching online, I was inspired to make one myself. I had used the chalk board paint before, but not to this scale. I found a big frame at Goodwill and then went to Michael's to buy some paint for the frame. I LOVE the antique, crackled look on frames and luckily Martha Stewart has a crackle paint. (I did not put a base coat on my frame as the video shows because the frame already had color.) The biggest thing I learned while doing this is to be patient (this is hard for me) and let the paint always dry completely. Error on the side of waiting to long!

Frame, with glass
Crackle paint
Paint color of choice for frame
Blackboard paint

Take the glass out of the frame. Start by sanding down frame with 200 grit sandpaper. I did this to take of the previous finish on the frame. Wipe down frame. Next, as the video above shows, paint a thick, single layer of the crackle paint. Let dry completely. Next, taking the paint color that you chose for the frame, paint a single layer over the crackle paint.

While letting the other layers dry you can start painting the glass portion with the blackboard paint. Let dry completely. (COMPLETELY, otherwise you will smudge the paint and have to keep letting it dry and it takes twice as long!) Repeat 2 more layers. Once everything is dry, put the frame back together and hang in your desired location.

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  1. Love your kitchen nook!! Looks great with the chalk board!!