Friday, April 26, 2013

Painted Glass Vases

We have a lot of family parties coming up in the next month, so I have spent waaaayyyy too much time on Pinterest looking at party themes, decoration ideas and table settings.  One of the 1,000 things that caught my eye, were these adorable, brightly colored enamel vases.
I have a ton of clear glass vases, that have come with flower deliveries etc, (If you do not have any at home, you can pick them up at a thrift store for under $1), so I thought I could transform them into fun colored centerpieces.  The vases turned out great, and I will not only use them for the parties, but I will reuse them again and again until the end of time.
(Once paint is cured, the vases are dishwasher safe)
Tools and Materials
Glass vases
Rubbing alcohol
Cotton balls
Martha Stewart Crafts Multi-Surface Paint

Clean glass vases thoroughly; prime inside with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol.
Paint the inside of the vase with one coat of multi-surface paint; let dry for at least one hour. Add a second and third coat, allowing at least one hour of drying time between each.

Let glass paint dry overnight. For the paint to be permanent on the glass, it can be air-dried for 21 days or it can be baked. Baking method: Air-dry 1 hour. Place in cool oven and heat to 350 degrees (glass needs to heat gradually). Bake 30 minutes, then let cool in oven. Wait 72 hours until using.

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