Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sweet Mandy B's

Unfortunately my post isn't about anything I made, but it is about something that I love :) We spent a whirlwind weekend in Chicago and one of the requirements for the trip was to stop at our favorite bakery, Sweet Mandy B's. Something about this place is so comforting to me - not sure if it is the proximity to my old apartment (right below it), or the smell as you walk past (think heaven), or the glass cases full of old fashioned desserts, but I love going there. The treats at Mandy B's aren't fancy or fussy, but they sure do taste good.
I took Frances there for the first time (that she can remember) and even though she is 99% like her dad, she may have inherited my obsession with baked goods.  She was extremely overwhelmed with the task of having to select just one item to try...So needless to say, we left with a grocery bag full. We made it back to Madison with 4 cupcakes, the rest we polished off during our weekend o' fun. So, next time you are in Chicago, you should definitely stop in. You will not be disappointed.

Yellow Cake Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
      My Favorites
  • slice of chocolate cake
  • vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting
  • peanut butter rice crispy with chocolate top
  • sugar cookie with butter cream frosting
  • snickerdoodle
  • chocolate gingerbread cookie
  • rice pudding

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