Saturday, February 8, 2014

Felt Donuts

I threw a donuts & milk themed birthday party for my 2 year-old in December. I loved the theme, not only because it was adorable and very age appropriate, but because it was the easiest party that I have ever thrown. Donuts + Milk = very happy 2 year olds. No baking, no fuss, just donuts and milk.

Since the party itself was so low maintenance (just like the birthday girl), I wanted to put some extra effort into the party favors. I decided to make felt donuts that guests could take home and use them in their play kitchens (or use as ornaments). I found this youtube video from Lily Bean, that did a great job showing the step by step process. I decided to embellish the donuts a little differently, by using yarn to make an icing squiggle instead of the sprinkles that Lily Bean used. The donuts turned out adorable and my girls "bake" them for breakfast every morning in their kitchen. I am definitely going to look at a few more lily bean felt foods, because they are pretty easy to make and much better quality than a lot of other play food options.

These would be an adorable Valentine's Day gift for your kids, or anyone who loves donuts as much as I do!

Watch Lily's video for a descriptive "how to".

Supplies you will  need:
- felt
- stuffing
- thread
- sewing machine (not necessary)
- needle
- embellishments for decorating the donuts
- glue

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