Wednesday, November 28, 2012

wine cork board

Last year, when I was decorating my (old) apartment, I was looking for an inexpensive/functional item to hang by the door. After being inspired by my Grandpa, who made trivets from old corks, I thought I would try a cork board - so I could hang reminders, pictures and recipes.  Luckily I had been accumulating corks for awhile with the help of friends, family and local restaurants.  I loved the board so much, that I made this one below as a gift for a friend.  (Hint...great homemade Christmas gift!)

Items you will need: frame, corks (who doesn't have a ton if old corks?!), hot glue gun and a box cutter.  For the frame I went to goodwill, sanded it down and then repainted it with acrylic paint from Micahel's.  Or you can find a frame you like as is.

 Putting together the cork board is like a puzzle.  I put several corks on the board at a time and then tried to make them fit according to size. I did a standard design, but you can always be more creative.

 Use the hot glue gun to glue the corks on the board

 Toward the end of the cork board, you may have to cut the ends off of the corks with a box knife so they fit snugly together. Try to do this prior to gluing on the board.

And your done!

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