Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Wine Cork Trivet

I love to collect wine corks, and they have been piling up (apparently we drink a lot of wine)! I started to look for a new project to make with them and found this brilliant idea online.

Each trivet turned out different and they have unique coloring from the different types of wines.   You can make a variety of different sizes, to fit all of your baking dishes, pots and pans.  I tried to make them as even as possible, choosing similar size corks.  They do not have to be perfect and they still get the job done.

SUPPLIES: You  need is wine corks (about 40-50 for the larger one) and a hose clamp which you can find at any hardware store (usually by the plumbing).

MY SECRET: Ask for corks at your favorite restaurant - I have gotten a bags full this way :)

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