Thursday, May 24, 2012

Throw Pillows

After spending an amazing weekend at home with family and friends I needed something to distract me and keep me busy this week. I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend celebrating a college graduation, engagement, first home, and most importantly family and friends. Not only did I love all of the above reasons as an excuse to visit, but I also just LOVE being home.  The lake, my childhood home, the memories and of course the constant chaos.  Upon returning back to Denver and not feeling the comfort that I was engulfed in over the weekend, I decided there was a need to make my apartment feel a little more "homey".

Every room in my parents house is warm, relaxing and of course filled with a million pillows. There are new pillow cases for every season and at least 5-8 pillows on each bed. I may tease my mother about her plethora of pillows, but in reality I love them and envy her.  So, finding my "mother in me" I decided to take the sewing machine out of the box (which had not been open since the 7th grade) and begin a project! 

I had to start from start from square one and learn how to thread my sewing machine :)  I decided to make throw pillows for our spare bedroom. I watched youtube videos and also found an amazing blog to help me learn step-by-step, how to make pillows (see link to the blog below). I found great fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and finished four pillows in one day! One quick tip - most Androids and iPhones have apps for Michaels and JoAnns - so never pay full price for anything.

The blog that I used was Design Sponge - Enjoy!

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