Sunday, April 29, 2012

Planning a party - Chalkboard Appetizer Labels

One of my good friends from work is getting married so we decided to celebrate her with a bachelorette party/wedding shower! It is less than a week away and I am trying to do a lot of the work a head of time, since Anne is coming in town to join in on the celebration!! As I scanned my "to do" list I decided that making appetizer labels was something that I could do a week before the party. After doing some searching on Pinterest I decided that I would do so by making mini chalkboards. 

I took at quick trip to Michaels and left with small frames, chalkboard paint and some spray paint (to repaint the frames).  Karen (the bachelorette) is fun, spunky and energetic, so I thought that pink would be the perfect color theme for the party (along with black and charcoal grey). 

 - I started by spray painting the frames the fun pink color.

- Then I painted the inside portion of the frame with chalkboard paint such as Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint using a sponge brush. 3-4 coats

- Once the paint dried, they were ready to use!

Other ideas for chalkboard paint:
- Labeling flower pots
- Painting inside of cabinet for grocery list
- Making a fun chalkboard


  1. So cute B! They will be perfect for your party.
    Love the flower pots.


  2. super cute!! you silly girl...chalkboard paint was one of your hostess gifts. shoulda known miss martha would already have it! :)