Tuesday, January 7, 2014

gold painted vases

I have a mild obsession with all things gold so when it came to my wedding I attempted to incorporate it as much as possible. Since the wedding was in fall I decided to go with ivory, gold and bronze, a classic color palate. I am the third of three sisters to get married, so we already had a million glass vases for the flowers. I wanted to add more color (gold!!!) to the table by having the vases contrast with the ivory linens. So, my mother and I got a little creative (or crazy) with painters tape and gold spray paint. We had fun making them, each one a little different. I LOVE how they turned out with the flowers and looked beautiful on the tables!!

Take you clear glass vases and create your design with painters tape. * Remember the glass surface that is not covered with tape is what will be painted gold.  

I tried to make sure that there was gold at the base of the vase for the contrast

Gently peel off paint tape - I found that some of the paint would peel off, but was hard to prevent (and I didn't mind)

My mom started spray painting pumpkins which were awesome for decor

Photos (on bottom) by: Becca Dilley
Flowers by: Daffodil Parker

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