Friday, March 30, 2012

Monogram Fun

I wanted to find a fun piece of art for Hattie's room that was both decorative and that incorporated her name into the piece. I found some great options on Etsy, but they were all $50+ without a frame, so I decided to make one myself. Her room is a lavender color and she has an adorable rug with some butterflies, so I decided to go with a butterfly theme.
I headed to Michaels and went straight to the Martha Stewart collection to look at her paper stamps. They had 2 butterfly options, and I decided to go with the Monarch. I used coupons and purchased the stamp along with some card stock (in varying shades of purple), craft glue and an 11x14 white, pre-matted frame, all for under $20. The instructions for making the project are as follows
  • Remove the mat from the frame and trace around the inside of the mat, onto your background piece of card stock. This will be the space you have to work with in centering your letter or object.
  • Take a pencil and draw the desired letter within the boundary you just created. You can use a stencil, or find a template online.
  • Take your paper punch and start to punch out your design in the colors you selected.

  • Start gluing! I started at the top of my "H" and put a line of glue going all of the way down. The glue dries clear, so no need to worry about only putting glue under the paper cutouts.
  • Place shapes on glue line - I folded my butterflies slightly, so they would have a 3D appearance.

  • Let the glue dry for at least 2 hours
  • Place the card stock in the frame, and hang the frame. 

How easy is that?!

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